BMW Car Spray Paint
BMW Vehicle Spray Paint

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BMW Car Spray Paint


Quantity Price per unit (bc)
From 10 to 49 units £18.99
From 50 to 99 units £17.99
From 100 to 199 units £16.99
From 200 to 499 units £15.99
From 500 to 999 units £14.99
From 1000 to units £13.99

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Please note, metallic paints only come in a matt finish. If ordering metallic paint, a gloss Lacquer will also be required.

Vehicle Paint Colour Code (see image above) *

A typical BMW paint code format has three digits, sometimes having a slash followed by a fourth digit. Paint code tags are normally placed under the hood and either on one of the strut towers or fender edges. The paint colour code can also be located on the right side and slightly lower than the fender on the engine wall. The name of the car colour is also on the same tag. They are sometimes in English and German. BMW, like all manufacturers, uses the exact same colour across many models and then will have a different colour name for each model. It’s the same paint! This is why the colour code is so important to order the correct paint.

For example, 300 Alpine White III Clearcoat, could also be called White Clearcoat, Premium White Clearcoat, etc. depending on what the marketing department decided to call it.

BMW codes are hidden somewhere on the car and finding them can be quite difficult. Why did BMW make this so hard? BMW colour codes can be on the firewall, on the radiator support, on the door jamb, in the trunk. You name it, BMW tried to put a colour plate there. So patience is the key!

Product Description

At CJ Aerosols we supply BC BMW car spray paint aerosols cans. All our colours are mixed by us and packaged into high quality aerosol paint spray cans. Prices for a 1K spray paint start at just £19.99.

Please Note:

  • All of our Prestige paints are matched to the exact manufacturers specification.
  • All paints should be checked before any application.
  • CJ Aerosols accepts no responsibility for any colour derivations once any paint has been applied.


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