Infiniti Car Spray Paint
Infinity Vehicle Colour Code

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Infiniti Car Spray Paint


Quantity Price per unit (bc)
From 10 to 49 units £18.99
From 50 to 99 units £17.99
From 100 to 199 units £16.99
From 200 to 499 units £15.99
From 500 to 999 units £14.99
From 1000 to units £13.99

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Please note, metallic paints only come in a matt finish. If ordering metallic paint, a gloss Lacquer will also be required.

Vehicle Paint Colour Code *

All Infiniti Paint codes are three digits and contains letters and numbers. Often times there may be 4 digits with three close together and the fourth one being a little spaced from the other three. In that case the first three is the paint code.
All models: #1 Firewall ( Drivers Side ) Firewall (#2 Middle or #3 Passenger Side, Engine Compartment or #4 Driver’s Door/ Jam in the door edge or in the #4 B pillar (side of jamb)
EX35: # 4 Driver side B pillar in door jamb or in the engine compartment
FX35: Firewall (#3 Passenger Side or #2 Middle)
FX45: Firewall (#3 Passenger Side or #2 Middle)
G20: #3 Firewall Passenger side
G35: Firewall (#3 Passenger Side or #2 Middle)
G37: #4 Driver side B pillar in door jamb or in the engine compartment
I30: Firewall #3 Passenger side or #2 centre
I35: #2 Firewall centre
J30: #1 Firewall driver side or #4 Driver’s Door/ Jam
M30: #1 Driver side Firewall
M35: #4 Door Jamb
M45: #2 Firewall centre or #4 Door Jamb
N40: #4 Driver side Door Jamb
Q45: Firewall ( #3 Passenger Side #1 Driver side or #2 centre)
QX4: #3 Firewall Passenger side
QX56: #4 Inside Driver’s Door/ Jam

Product Description

At CJ Aerosols we supply BC Infiniti car spray paint aerosols cans. All our colours are mixed by us and packaged into high quality aerosol paint spray cans. Prices for a 1K spray paint start at just £19.99.

Please Note:

  • All of our Prestige paints are matched to the exact manufacturers specification.
  • All paints should be checked before any application.
  • CJ Aerosols accepts no responsibility for any colour derivations once any paint has been applied.


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